Jan Zimmermann, PhD | Principal Investigator

Dr. Zimmermann completed his PhD in the Marie Curie Graduate School of NeuroPhysics at Maastricht University under the supervision of Rainer Goebel. He then went on to New York University where he worked with Paul Glimcher and Kenway Louie at the Center for Neural Science.

At UMN, Dr. Zimmermann runs the Z-Lab which broadly studies decision making in non human primates.

Ben Voloh, PhD | Postdoc (Neuroscience)

Ben joined us from Vanderbilt and got his PhD under the supervision of Thilo Womelsdorf. Ben works on electrophysiology in freely moving non human primates. Specifically he is establishing a full pipeline to decompose freely moving behavior and neural recordings into states of action as well as their transition probabilities.

Brenna Knaebe, PhD | Researcher (Neuroscience)

Brenna did her PhD in New Zealand and is now a postdoc / surgical wizard in the lab. Brenna knows how to intubate pretty much any model organism and has been tricked out of her treats by very clever Keas.

Mrunal Zambre, BSc | Researcher (Neuroscience)

Mrunal Zambre started as an undergraduate researcher in the Z-Lab when she returned from her semester abroad in Copenhagen. Now she is a full time researcher working on our addiction neurobiology efforts.

Indirah Conover, BSc | Researcher (Neuroscience)

Indirah Conover is a researcher and animal trainer in the Hayden and Zimmermann labs. She graduated from Carthage College with a BA in neuroscience and apparently lives with a zoo of animals.

Praneet Bala, MSc | Graduate Student (Computer Science)

Praneet Bala is a graduate student in the Department of Computer Science and works on machine vision and deep learning problems related to pose estimation of non human primates in our free ranging enclosure. Praneet is also working on gaze estimation from multi camera systems.

David Maisson, MSc | Graduate Student (Neuroscience)

David Maisson is a graduate student in the Graduate Program of Neuroscience and works on freely behaving non human primates and electrophysiology related to decision making.

Blair Vail, BSc | Graduate Student (Neuroscience)

Blair is a graduate student in the Graduate Program of Neuroscience and is interested in the intersection of neurophysiology and psychopathology. In the lab they are focused on understanding how external currents can be driven precisely to change large scale brain networks.

Ana Manea, MSc | Graduate Student (Neuroscience)

Ana joins us from Romania via the Netherlands and she is very happy about the fact that the sun actually shines in Minnesota. Ana is currently working on the neural representations of timescales as well as their relationship to connectomic gradients.

We are hiring !!! This could be you !

We are looking for highly motivated graduate students and postdocs with a background in neuroscience, psychology, physics, math, computer science or related field with an interest in neuroscience and decision making. Contact us!

We also accept undergraduate researchers.


Sarah Heilbronner, PhD | Assistant Professor (Neuroscience)

Sarah Heilbronner is the master of Physiology and Anatomy, structural and functional.


Hyun Soo Park, PhD | Assistant Professor (Computer Science)

Hyun Soo Park specializes on image processing, computer vision and pose extraction.


Benjamin Hayden, PhD | Associate Professor (Neuroscience)

Benjamin Hayden specializes on electrophysiology in non human primates with a particular interest in decision making and foraging behavior.



Jen Holmberg, BSc | Researcher (Neuroscience)

Jen Holmberg was a researcher in the Z-Lab. Now she is a graduate student at Berkeley.

Eliezer Mishulovin | Undergraduate Researcher (Neuroscience)

Eliezer Mishulovin was an undergraduate researcher in the Z-Lab. Now he is a software engineer and data analyst in New York.

Afra Suri | Undergraduate Researcher (Neuroscience)

Afra was an undergraduate researcher in the Z-Lab. Currently she is in veterinary school at UMN.