The Z-LAB is an inclusive environment

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We are an interdisciplinary team that explores the neural foundation of decision making. We use approaches from neuroscience, economics, psychology, math and physics to figure out how organisms adaptively use their finite neural coding capacity to make choices. You can find out more about who we are and what we really work on.

!!!!! We are especially interested in recruiting postdocs for collaborative projects with the Chafee, Zimmermann, and Hayden labs. Open to neuroscientists with a background in electrophysiology, neuroimaging, and/or anatomy. Please visit and search for JOB ID #337459 to find more information or apply. !!!!


  • We received an RF1 with Alex Optiz and Ben Hayden to investigate the effect of traveling wave direct current stimulation on spiking activity in cortex

  • Together with Ben Hayden and Hyun Soo Park we received an NSF grant to study social interactions in freely moving non human primates. (come join us)

  • Ben Voloh submitted his first review paper from the lab (available on psyArxiv)

  • Another wohoo! David Maisson submitted his first empirical paper from the lab (available on bioArxiv)

  • WOHOOO!!!! Our P30 efforts were successful. Together with Anna Zilverstand, Sarah Heilbronner and Benjamin Hayden we will start our Addiction Connectome efforts.

  • We just released our first manuscript on ultra high field MRI at unprecedented field strength (10.5T) on bioArxiv. (now in neuroimage)

  • We just put up our OpenMonkeyStudio paper on bioArxiv. Have a look, its super exciting. Also check out these videos 1 and 2. (now in nature comm)

  • Jen Holmberg joined the lab Yay!

  • A big day for the Z-Lab. We published our first paper demonstrating how risk preference are context dependent in freely moving non human primates (link)

  • Together with Dr. Anna Zilverstand, Dr. Ben Hayden and Dr. Sarah Heilbronner we have obtained the AIRP research award allowing us to start building a rodent and non human primate state of the art addiction connectome at 16.4 and 10.5 Tesla.

  • And we have received our second grant that allows us to build a state of the art enterprise inference server. Oh and Mrunal joined us to work on ultra high field imaging, Yay!

  • We just received our first grant to purchase a state of the art frameless stereotaxy system. We are excited to work with Stefan Schaffelhofer of

  • The first Z-Lab Members have arrived! Yay to Praneet and Elisier

  • The Z-Lab will open for business on the 1st of January 2019. We are actively looking for graduate students / Post Docs / technical assistants. Contact us!